आटे के कुरकुरे खस्ता मीठे शकरपारे | Atta Gur ke Khasta Mette Shakkarpara | CookWithNisha

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Today we have learnt how to make Our Shakkarpara. Here I have prepared this with wheat flour and gut-sugar syrup. Jaggery is rich in many vital vitamins, iron and minerals.
Must try this recipe at your home once.

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Wheat Flour ( गेहूँ का आटा ) – 1 Cup
Jaggery ( गुड़ ) – 2 tbsp
Sugar (चीनी ) – 1/2 cup
Sujii (सूजी ) – 2 tbsp
Oil (तेल ) – 2 tbsp & to fry
Water (पानी ) – 1/2 glass


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खस्ता और पचने में आसान आटा गुड़ के मीठे शक्करपारे cookwithnisha indian recipes shankarpali sugar coated homemade indian sweets

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