इस दीपावली मेहमानो को खिलाये स्वादिष्ट PAAN MITHAI | Quick & Easy Recipes for Diwali | CookWithNisha

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HAPPY DIWALI!! Paan Coconut Ladoo – because it’s time to make some Diwali sweets These instant coconut ladoo are rolled in desiccated coconut & filled with gulkand (rose petal preserve). Meetha paan (betel leaves filled with gulkand, fennel seeds) is often eaten as a mouth fresher after meals in India & is my absolute favorite! These ladoos have the same meetha paan flavor combined with coconut! This is one of the easiest sweets that you can make this Diwali!

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How to Make Condensed Milk:



Quantity: 250 gm


COCONUT POWDER – 1 large bowl/150 gm

CONDENSED MILK – 1 small bowl


ANISE – 1 tsp

CARDAMOM – 3 pc (powdered)


GULKAND – 2 tbsp

COCONUT POWDER – for garnish


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