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घर पर बनाये 3 तरह की मीठी Dahi Lassi | Today we’ll learn how to make Plain Lassi, Mango flavoured Lassi & Roohaafza Lassi. Lassi is a classic, traditional beverage for hot summer days. Try these refreshing and flavourful lassi recipe for your family, friends and kids. I am sure they will love it.

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Plain Lassi (सादा लस्सी)

Curd (दही) – 250 gm
Cheeni (चीनी) – 2 tbsp
kesar & Kishmish – To Garnish

Mango Lassi (आम लस्सी)

Curd (दही) – 250 gm
Mango (आम) – 1 Medium Chopped
Sugar (चीनी) – 1 tbsp
Baadam – To Garnish

Roohafza Lassi (रूह अफ़ज़ा लस्सी )

Curd (दही) – 250 gm
Roohafza (रूह अफ़ज़ा) – 2 tbsp
Sugar (चीनी) – 1 tbsp
Cashew (काजू) – To Garnish


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