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Summers are at our doorstep, so you need to keep your body hydrated and energetic. So here We come up with 4 new smoothies recipes which you can easily make at your home, hope you will enjoy these recipes.

​So do try these Smoothies and don’t forget to let us know which one you like the most??
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Strawberry – Banana smoothie (PINK color)

1 Strawberry – 1 packet
2: Banana – 1- 2
3: Curd / Yogurt –
4: Milk

Cucumber + Spinach + (Green)
1 Cucumber
2: Spinach
3: Coconut water / Water
4: Curd
5: Honey/Sugar is Optional for sweetness

Chocolate smoothie (Brown)
1: Banana
2: Chocolate cocoa powder
3: Milk
4: Coffee

Kinu Banana Smoothie
1. Orange / Kinu will also do
2. Curd / Yogurt
3: Banana
4 Ginger for flavor

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