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Shakes are all time favourite of everyone as it has so many specialities like easy to make, chill, healthy or it removes hunger in few minutes..

So do try these shakes at home and don’t forget to let us know which one you and your kids likes the most??

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Dark Fantasy MilkShake
1- Biscuits
2- Sugar 1 tbsp
3- Vanilla Ice Cream 1 tbsp
4- Milk 1 glass

Marshmallow Vanilla Shake
1- Marshmallow 4-5 pieces
2- Ice Cream 2 tbsp
3- Sugar 2 tsp
4- Milk 1 glass
5- Mango Slice 4-5 pieces

Mango Shake
1- Mango Slices
2- Sugar 2 tsp
3- Mango Yogurt 2 tsp
4- Milk 1 glass
5- Ice Cubes

Banana Turmeric MilkShake
1- Banana 2 pieces
2- Sugar 2 tsp
3- Vanilla Ice Cream 2 tbsp
4- Milk 1 glass
5- Turmeric 1 pinch

Coco Coffee Shake
1- Milk 1 glass
2- Coffee 1 tbsp
3- Coco Powder 1 tbsp
4- Sugar (as per taste)
5- Ice Cubes
Watch Dalgona Coffee Recipe link here ( https://youtu.be/aQBU4deoBi4 )

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