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Kale – Pomegranate Quinoa Pilaf

This pilaf/stuffing dish includes a massive three SuperFoods (kale, pomegranate and also quinoa) however, many thanks to the pecans, sage and thyme it still takes care of to taste entirely “Thanksgiving-ish”. Nonetheless, since establishing this dish I’ve started making it on a rather regular basis, so it’s never simply for T-day. But, since pomegranates aren’t always simple to get your hands on, it’s ideal to make this when they remain in season anytime from October to January.

Fun Healthy Kid Snacks – Whole Grain Personal Pizzas

My eight year old son, Blake, always gets back from college ravenous! The go-to snack I like to produce him is generally some kind of smoothie (these are extremely fast, they load him up as well as I can sneak in all type of good stuff like flax, fruit, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and so on).

Papa’s Pizza

This dish takes about 2 hrs throughout. DIRECTIONS: 1. Place the first 5 active ingredients in the KitchenAide pot, other than 1-1/2 cups of the flour, and affix the level blade. Transform the mixer on speed up 1 to mix the components and let it compete 1 minute.

Papa’s Buttermilk Bread – Pull-Apart Rolls and Pizza Dough

This dough makes excellent bread, rolls or even pizza. For pizza, simply form on a pizza frying pan or in a baking frying pan for a deep-dish pizza, add the sauce (Boboli packaged is excellent), after that the cheese or whatever other garnishes you desire to add. Great!

An Adobo Wet Rub and Dry Rub

This rub is good on any meat, whether it be pork, beef, chicken or fish. If you such as to barbecue, which I do, just scrub the Adobo Rub throughout the meat regarding 1-2 hours before you light the bbq pit. I like to use a Weber kettle with charcoals for that genuine barbeque taste.

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