Anantya Birthday Party Vlog – BOLLYWOOD THEME जन्मदिन का सिरदर्द | CookWithNisha

Anantya Birthday Celebration Vlog | 13 teen Special | Bollywood theme
On your popular demand here is the vlog …Enjoy

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MaaTri, represents the most beautiful relationship between a mother and a daughter – Nisha Topwal & Anantya Anand aka. MyMissAnand.

MaaTri is formed through a combination of two Hindi words – Maa (Mother) and PuTri (daughter) that brings forth energy, enthusiasm and determination to spread positive vibes through their outstanding content. Their content revolves around fashion, food, comedy, parenting, travel, glimpse of their family and simple day-to-day activities that both enjoy doing together.
The duo captures a contemporary lifestyle of entrepreneur and food blogger mom and a teenage daughter and a social media influencer and shows how they both manage their work, school and personal life – simple pleasure of growing together, through engaging videos and fun visuals. Every post is curated and designed to make the audience laugh, learn, smile and entertain.

Watch our videos every Thursday & learn new dishes and kitchen hacks or food hacks with us as we entertain you with our comical presentation.

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