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Summer season is here and ice cream is known as best dessert because it is cold, tasty and easily available in summers.
But in lockdown you are guys are missing this dessert so much. Don’t worry in today’s video you will learn how to prepare tasty ice creams at home.

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Vanilla Ice cream
1-Fresh cream
2-Condense milk
3-Vanilla essence

Mango Kulfi
1-Fresh Cream 500 gm
2-Condense Milk 200 gm
3-Mango pulp
4-Dry Fruits

Paan Kulfi
1-Fresh Cream
3-Betel leaf
4-Dry Paan Masala

Chocolate Kulfi
1-Fresh Cream
2-Condense Milk
3-Cocoa Powder

Tutti Frutti Badami Kulfi
1-Fresh Cream
2-Condense Milk
4-Elaichi Powder
5-Tutti Fruittis

Malai Kulfi
1-Milk Full Cream 1 ltr
2-Condense Milk
3-Silver Foil

1-Mango Pulp
2-Strawberry Pulp
3-Kiwi Pulp

Chopped Fruits Popsicles
1-Nimbu Pani
2-Seasonal Fruits

Mango Popsicles
1-Mango Pulp

James Ice Cream
1-Ice Cubes
2-Fresh Cream
3-Condensed Milk
4-Vanilla Essence 1tsp

Oreo Chocolate Ice Cream
1-Oreo Biscuits
2-Ice Cream Base

Mix fruits Ice Cream
2-Ice Cream Base

Gummy Bears Jelly Ice Cream
2-Ice Cream Base

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