I Tried MOST UNIQUE Restaurant Food in Prague | #MyMissAnand #CookWithNisha

On our last day in Europe we went to Prague, Czech Republic. Prague basically is known for its Pubs & Restaurants. So In today’s food vlog I’ll show you the glimpse what are the Unique Food we’ve tried out there.

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Fresh Pasta Recipe

On the planet of fresh pasta recipes, there are numerous different ways to make also one of the most fundamental kind of pasta. No person will disagree that both necessary active ingredients are eggs and also flour, however all the other active ingredients are extremely subjective, depending on which cook you talk to. Some like to add salt, some like to use olive oil, others like to make use of water rather. Some recommend including an added egg yolk … The listing goes on.

Indian Cuisine – A Glance at North Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is huge and also there are arrays of recipes that are ready specifically across different areas. Meals as well as foods from bordering countries and also regions like Tibet affect Indian food also.

Recipe For Incredible Peach Pie

This recipe not just consists of a dish for a decadent Peach pie, but it also instructs a lesson on how to peel a peach properly. This Peach pie dish will certainly wow your household as well as after-dinner visitors!

Home Baked Sultana Cake

The aroma of residence baking penetrating a house just can not be beaten. For many kids maturing today this will be a rare occasion undoubtedly. Busy parents can not locate the time, and in some cases lack the skills that their Grandparents had. In my view this is a pity, actually I discover it fretting.

Reuben Sandwich

The Reuben sandwich is safely stashed in the American cooking hall of fame. While this humble sandwich has roots in far Lithuania, it is indelibly put together keeping that distinctly American savoir faire that comes right into play late evenings around a poker game.

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